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Dermunn providing rare & beautiful items sourced both locally & globally

Dermunn was founded with the goal of empowering people to live healthier lives. We’re a believer in improving Vegan natural goods and supplement industries. We value those who restrict diets for the sake of saving animal’s life, thus designed three products that help them maintain healthy and stable diet. We work deliberately to make people’s health not effected by the thoughtful and noble choice they made on their restrictive diet. We collaborate to develop goods that you and your family can trust with their most precious asset: their health. We think that building a healthy connection with our consumers requires openness, thus we freely explain how our goods are manufactured and who we collaborate with to do so.

Responsible and sustainable development

Our Vision

Our Mision

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What Our Customers Say

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"Thank you for your gracious hospitality hosting the Dermunn! The products I bought are beautiful!"
Image Testimonial
"Thank you again for your hospitality! The philosophy you shared led to a great product decision."
Image Testimonial
“We love our new duds and continue to be grateful for your efforts on behalf of our planet.”
Mary Jane